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Molecular and cellular mechanisms


by Sebastian Springer, Jacobs University Bremen


About the course:

This is the internet edition of the graduate course 'Cellular Biochemistry' taught in the Fall Semester 2013 at Jacobs University.

The course consists of thirteen lectures of about 60 minutes each. The video of each lecture, and a quiz to test your knowledge, are available from this webpage. Enjoy!


Introduction to the course:



Who am I:

Im a professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.
My research work is on the molecular mechanism of the mammalian antiviral immune response and some other subjects. Visit the homepage of my group!


And here is the course:

-      Lecture 1: Introduction Part I: MHC genes and molecules (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 2: Introduction Part II: Cellular processes (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 3: Protein degradation in the cytosol (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 4: Defective ribosomal products (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 5: The transporter associated with antigen processing (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 6: MHC class I structure (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 7: Peptide trimming and binding in the Endoplasmic Reticulum (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 8: ER quality control and ER associated degradation (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 9: The peptide loading complex (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 10: MHC class I quality control in the secretory pathway (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 11: MHC class I endocytosis and degradation (+ Quiz)

-      Lecture 12: Crosspresentation (+ Quiz)




Jacobs University and I are not responsible for any factual errors that may be present for whatever reason. The historical sections of the lectures are abbreviated, and I have not been able to mention or honor all important scientific contributions. I therefore apologize to all researchers whose contributions I have had to omit. Send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the course.


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