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Multi-dimensional array ("raster") data occur in various dimensions, be they observed phenomena or generated data sets, e.g., satellite imagery and mapping, geo physics and exploration, document management, medical imagery, engineering data, and statistics data. They usually come in extreme volumes, often Giga- to Petabyte per single object.

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If you care about large-scale Array ("Raster") Databases for sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data then you may want to look at my profile and the Wikipedia page someone has established. My main research interest is on Array Databases, that is: flexible, efficient raster services for massive, mult-dimensional earth, space, and life science data.

In our research we have developed the rasdaman array analytics engine which effectively has pioneered the research field of Array Databases. Based on this work, I have been appointed to several Big Data standardization bodies, the most important ones being: In ISO, I have initiated work and am co-editor of SQL/MDA (SQL for Multi-Dimensional Arrays). In OGC, I am co-chairing several groups on "Big Geo Data", and I am editor of 12 adopted standards there. In RDA, I am cho-chairing the Big Data Analytics and the Geospatial Interest Groups. Further, I am acting as invited experts on spatio-temporal coverages for INSPIRE, the framework for a common European Spatial Data Infrastructure.

As Professor of Computer Science I am heading the L-SIS group at Jacobs University Bremen (formerly: International University Bremen).

For our work on rasdaman I have secured overall project funding currently in excess of 6+ mEur in projects amounting to 40+ mEur total funding.

In teaching, a goal of prime importance is to make students fit for success in industry and science.

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researcher id ORCID: 0000-0003-3860-4726

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