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Summer School

International University Bremen, 28. July - 4. August 2006

Biosensing with channels
faster, smaller, smarter

Subject of the Summer School

Nature has created a huge number of membrane channels which act as highly selective gates for water soluble molecules. Exploiting the selectivity of such natural or bioengineered channels has promising applications for detecting molecules, characterizing molecular interaction, sequencing DNA, or watching peptide folding. Combining these investigations with microfluidic setups allows high throughput detection of cells and makes electrophysiology interesting for drug screening. Complementary to biological channels, recent advances in solid state technology allow to create artificial nanometer-sized pores in solid materials. Such artificial channels have surprisingly similar properties to natural channels. This summer school will cover molecular biological and biotechnological applications of membrane channels but will also inform on the underlaying physics and recent related advances in microfluidics, solid state physics, and nanoelectronics.

Working Program

The core program will include invited general and research talks from experts in the field. Special emphasis will be given on the outline of current developments and the discussion of promising future research directions. Participating students and post-docs will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research in poster sessions and student seminars. The program includes the following topics: physics and chemistry in confined systems, molecular modeling, recent development in electrophysiology: ?sec time resolution, combination with spectroscopy, automatic patch-clamp, biosensors, force measurements, micropatterning, chemical and biological surface functionalisation, micro- and nanofluidics, nanoelectronics.

Confirmed speakers

M. Akeson (Santa Cruz), L. Auvray (Evry), J. Behrends (Freiburg), R. Benz (Würzburg), S.M. Bezrukov (NIH), U. Bockelmann (Paris), M. Cecarelli (Cagliari), N. Fertig (Nanion, München), C. Gosse (Paris), F. Heslot (Paris), U. Kleinekathöfer (Chemnitz), J. Mathe (Evry), H. Miedema (Biomade, Groningen), L. Movileanu (Syracuse), B. Le Piouffe (ENS Cachan), E. Raphael (Paris), H. Vogel (EPFL, Lausanne)

Organizing Committee

L. Auvray (Evry), J. Fritz,
M. Lindemann, V. Wagner,
M. Winterhalter, M. Zacharias

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