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January 2006 - December 2009



The increasing antibiotic resistance in our society pushes the search for new effective drugs into top priorities. The European Union supports the 3M€ project on “Molecular origin of antibiotic translocation” with the goal to understand specific pathways how beta-lactam antibiotics find their target. This interdisciplinary project combines knowledge in biophysics (IUB in Bremen and EPFL Lausanne), physico-chemistry (Porto), computer modelling (Cagliari), clinical microbiology (Marseille), nanotechnology (Nanion Technologies, München) with a leading company in antibiotics (Basilea Pharmaceutics Ltd Basel) to develop a new screening technology for more effective drugs. During four years seven PhD and seven post-docs will share the facilities of the European partner.

Permeation of aatibiotics

The EU Marie Curie Research Training Networks promote multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer by providing researchers of any age or nationality with the opportunity to spend time in another country as part of an international high-quality research project. Universities, research centres, enterprises and organisations in an EU or associated state or any other country of the world making up the proposed network apply together to the European Commission for funding.