2nd International Workshop on

Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences 2009

(VMLS 2009)

- Progress and New Challenges -

Bremerhaven, Germany

 July 22-24, 2009



Call for Participation





All presentations should last 15-20 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes discussion leading to a total of 25 minutes per presentation.

Presentation Session 1:

- Jos Roerdink, Visualization of neuroimaging data

- Christoph Kubisch, Vessel Visualisation with Volume Rendering using Automatic Transfer Functions

- Tadgh O'Sullivan, An Application for the Visualization and Quantification of HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Datasets

Wednesday, 8:45 - 10:00



Presentation Session 2:

- Eva Eggeling, The Bio Scene Graph (BioSG) - high quality visualization of large protein molecules

- Oliver Rübel, Linking Data Analysis and Visualization for the Analysis of 3D Gene Expression Data

- Julian Heinrich,  Integration of statistics and visualization for analyzing gene expression data

- Steffen Brasch, Interactive Visualization of Protein Interaction Network Evolution

Wednesday, 10:30 - 12:10



Presentation Session 3:

- Tobias Preußer, Challenges in Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of Medical Processes

- Sebastian Eichelbaum, Image-Space Tensor Field Visualization for Second-order Diffusion Tensor Data

- Ben Donlon, MRI-Based Quantification and Visualization of Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis of the Knee

- Ahmed El-Moasry, Semi-automated Classification of Medical Imaging Data using Rough Set Theory

Wednesday, 13:50 - 15:30



Presentation Session 4:

- Christian Hege, The role of visualization in modeling large, high-resolution neuronal networks

- Ralf Gutbell, Focused Rendering of Vascular Structures Employing Depth Dependent Modulation of Transparency and Blurring

- Timo Ropinski, Interactive Visual Analysis of cardiovascular Processes and Structures

- Mario Hlawitschka, Advanced Techniques for Visualizing Diffusion Data

Thursday, 10:30 - 12:10



Presentation Session 5:

- Horst Hahn, Uncertainty Visualization in Surgical Planning

- Pere-Pau Vasquez, Advanced inspection and interaction with medical models at Universitat Politècnica de Cataluna (Barcelona)

- Niall Colgan, The effects of manual and automatic 3D ROI selection on the representations of neural fibre tracts computed using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging

- Aaron Knoll, Peak Finding for Better Classification of Biological Volume Data

- Tran Van Long, IPHDC: Intersecting Partition Hierarchical Density Clustering for Gene Expression Data

Thursday, 13:25 - 15:30



Presentation Session 6:

- Tom Ertl, Visualization in Life Sciences at Stuttgart

- Hans Wolters, Developing gene expression based diagnostics:  Using visualization in analyzing genomics data

- Hamish Carr, User Variance in Radiological Contouring Methods using Tablet Interaction Devices

- Tetyana Ivanovska, Multichannel Medical Image Segmentation Using Minimum Description Length

Friday, 10:30 - 12:10