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Students and work group

Supervised B.Sc. students

Nikhil Arora (B.Sc. Physics, 2016): Investigating the impact of AGN feedback, heating and cooling processes on quenching star formation in central galaxies at z=0.

Lihuang Tang (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2016): 1-D and 2-D velocity modeling across Waterberg Fault/Omaruru Lineament (Namibia).

Ingo Wagner (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2016): Orbital motion induced by internal waves in the Barkley Canyon at Vancouver Island.

Jean-Paul Breuer (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2015): Mapping of the Earth's bow shock using Cluster spacecraft crossings.

Joleen Heiderich (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2015): Flow of warm Atlantic water in the Norske trough on the East Greenland shelf.

Xuemeng Lu (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2015): Modelling of the Earth's magnetopause using ISEE, Cluster, and AMPTE CCE crossings.

Sneha Singh (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2015): Approximation of geodesics in TAUB-NUT space times.

Samyak Tamrakar (B.Sc. Physics, 2015): Cascading failure in power grid using dynamic alternating current flow model.

Matthias Aengenheyster (B.Sc. Physics, 2014): Wind-driven stirring in the Arctic Ocean.

Faryal Khalid (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2014): Analysis of In Situ Ocean Wave Measurements: A Feature Classification Scheme and its Dependency on Different Sea State Regimes.

Burhan Senyener (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2014): Strong wind induced currents off Vancouver Island, Canada and their effect on the Barkley Canyon: An Analysis of Neptune Oceans 2.0 Data.

Henrik Thomsen (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2014): Magnetic Modeling of Intrusive Dykes, Koster Fjord, SW Sweden.

Narayan Dhital (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2013): Satellite Data Analysis for Detection of Homogeneous Thin Ice Regions in the Arctic .

Sofonias Feleke (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2013): Dike Intrusions and the Martian Magnetic Anomalies.

Johanna Hartke (B.Sc. Physics, 2013): Fitting orbits to stellar streams in the Aquarius Simulations.

Katerina Kanevche (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2013): Gradient estimators for multi-spacecraft configurations: overview and error analysis.

Lars Karlsson (B.Sc. Physics, 2013): Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis Package for Matlab.

Max Holicki (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011): Gravitational Modeling of Olympus Mons.

Michael Lawrence (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011): The internal structure of Halvfarryggen, Antarctica, revealed by airborne radio-echo sounding.

Marja Seidel (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011): Detection of CoRoT-Exoplanets through ground-based follow-up and an analysis of the detection reliability.

Ishan Basyal (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2010): Gaseous H2/O2 Propulsion Systems.

Neha Joshi (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2010): Effect of Geomagnetic Variations on Nitric Oxide Density Profiles retrieved by the Sciamachy Instrument on Envisat.

Trevor Sloughter (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2010): Effects of Magnetopause Distance on Vertical Cutoff Rigidity.

Andra Stroe (B.Sc. Physics, 2010): Multipoint Analysis of Local Magnetohydrostatic Equilibria in the Earth's Magnetotail using Cluster II data.

Moritz Müller (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2009): Magnetic Anomaly Interpretation of the North German Basin: Results from Depth Estimation and 2D-Modeling.

Eugen Sorbalo (B.Sc. Physics, 2009): Coronal loops: the influence of curvature on standing MHD waves.

Alina Gainusa Bogdan (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2008): Climate Sensitivity in Response to Extreme Solar Forcing Conditions: A Case Study on Polar Amplification.

Alexandra Spiridon (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2007): Analysis of shear flows and vortex formation in small-scale auroral forms.

Wilken-Jon van Appen (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2007): Crustal Structure of the Namibian Continental Margin and the Walvis Ridge: Results from 3D Gravity Modeling.

Adrian Albert (B.Sc. Physics, 2007): Energetic particle fluxes in simulated paleomagnetospheres.

Stratsimir Nedyalkov (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2006): Gas hydrate porosity-permeability models.

Lena Zuchowski (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2005): Investigation of exomagnetospheres by use of numerical simulations.

Prakash Atreya (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2005): Acceleration of Coronal Mass Ejections.

Peter Dabrowski (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2004), Cluster II - Surveying Earth's Magnetosphere.

Supervised M.Sc. students

Prabesh Joshi (M.Sc. Physics, 2015): Test particle motion in the space-time of a charged black hole pierced by a cosmic string.

Eugen Sorbalo (M.Sc. Astroparticle Physics, 2015): Estimation of field-aligned currents using Cluster data: comparison of one-, two-, three- and four-spacecraft techniques.

Anna Nuckolls (M.Sc. Astroparticle Physics, 2012): The discrepancy between multi-spacecraft methods for determining the orientation of discontinuities in the solar wind.

Adrian Albert (M.Sc. Astroparticle Physics, 2009): Three-point gradient estimation using planar reciprocal vectors.

Supervised Ph.D. students

Robert Ricker (Ph.D. Jacobs University Bremen, 2015): Sea-Ice Thickness Derived From Cryosat-2: Validation and Uncertainties.

Jakob Hauschildt (Ph.D. Jacobs University Bremen, 2013): Coupled Methane Hydrate Formation and Fluid Transport in Marine Sediments: Numerical Modelling and Case Studies.

Anja Stadelmann (Dr. rer. nat. TU Braunschweig, 2004): Globale Effekte einer Erdmagnetfeldumkehrung: Magnetosphärenstruktur und kosmische Teilchen.

Erik Marten Blixt (Ph.D. University Tromso, 2000): Local Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling and Consequences of Magnetohydrostatic Equilibrium: Pressure Driven Convection.

Postdoctoral researchers in the work group

Adrian Blagau (visiting scientist, since 2011): funding provided by the DLR.

Maosheng He (full-time researcher, 2011-2016): position funded by the DFG.

Matthias Hoeft (full-time researcher, 2006-2007): position funded by the DFG.

Joachim Schmidt (full-time researcher, 2004-2005): position funded by the university.

Bertalan Zieger (full-time researcher, 2002-2006): position funded by the DFG.

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